Written and Performed
by LuLu LoLo

OBITS is a one-person play, a work in progress, based on obituaries from The New York Times and inspired by LuLu's love of reading obituaries. In this play LuLu portrays the subjects of the obituaries talking about their lives. This time LuLu has restrained herself from her endless love of research, confining herself to using only the information in the obituary to create the monologues—sometimes calling this work "OBITS: An Exercise in Limitations".


Following are the subjects of OBITS:   LuLu as Pippa Bacca, the Italian performance artist who was murdered while on a "Hitchhiking for Peace" performance in Turkey. Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Workspace Residency Open Studios April 2008. Photo: Ryan Murphy.

The Mother:
LOLA WASSERSTEIN: Mother of the playwright Wendy Wasserstein

The Eccentrics:
EMILIE MUSE : Daredevil Who Dared Not Tell
ELIZABETH TASHJIAN: An Expert on Nuts (founded the Nut Museum)

The Collector:
HUGH HICKS: Collector of Light Bulbs

Obituary Coincidences:
PEG BRACKEN: Author of “The I Hate To Cook Book”
VINCENT DE DOMENICO: Inventor of “Rice-A-Roni”
They died on the same day.

The Jocks:
BETTY TREZZA:   Baseball player from Brooklyn
ANN CALVELLO:  Queen of the Roller Derby

The Femme Fatales:
MARIE WINDSOR;  Queen of the B Movies

Not Dead Yet:
PAUL VANCE:  Songwriter of“The Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Bikini
He wasn't dead.

The Tragics:
KATOUCHA NIANE: Yves St. Laurent’s Favorite Model
PIPPA BACCA: Performance Artist

The Final Word:
JEANNE CALMENT:  The World’s Oldest Person, 122 years old



June 25, 2013 Bluestockings Bookstore, NY, excerpts from OBITS: An Exercise In Limitation
October 11, 2010 The City Reliquary Museum's Collector's Night, The Knitting Factory. Excerpts from OBITS.
October 17, 2009 Smalls Jazz Café, NY
April 26, 2008

LMCC Workspace Open Studios Writers Residency, 92YTribeca and Artist Studios




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